CBDfx Mini CBD Wax Pen Review

CBDfx has a small but versatile vape pen called the Mini CBD Wax Pen. This device is easy to use. The mini vape pen is a convenient way to consume CBD.

The CBDfx mini CBD dab pen comes in a beautiful black box with all the important information.

The CBD pen has an impressive airflow design. It also has a one-way anti-leak valve. The unit comes with two 11 mm Core atomizers. One is made of ceramic while the other is quartz.

This CBDfx dab pen is powered by high-grade 350 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. You have three wattage settings for this mini pen. You need to click the button five times to change the settings. Blue indicates a wattage range of 3.1 to 3.2 volts, while white represents 3. to 3.6V and red is 4.1-4.15V. The pen also comes with a 420 mAh USB Supercharger that is fitted with overcharging protection. CBDfx also adds a Titanium Dab tool.

Despite its size, the mini wax pen is a fully functional CBD system. CBDfx added a heating rod to the atomizer. This is what heats the concentrate to produce vapor. There’s also carb cap responsible for circulating the heat in the chamber. This process increases the amount of vapor produced.

CBDfx is thoughtful enough to provide users with two interchangeable atomizers. You can select the ceramic or quartz atomizer depending on your preference. If you prefer explosive hits, the ceramic atomizer is the best choice. But if you want consistent hits, the quartz atomizer is better.

The mini pen also has a ball bearing to conduct electricity inside. While the bearing system allows air to enter, no concentrate is lost in the process. This means there is no leakage.

To increase the airflow, the porthole at the base of the pen was increased. The air goes through the heating chamber before coming up the mouthpiece. The result is a clean vaping experience.

Although this device is small, it will give you a large amount of vapor. The cloud production of this vape juice is outstanding. How is that possible? Well, this pen has a heating rod. This is the one responsible for burning the concentrates at a steady pace. Another CBDfx feature of this device is its carb cap which circulates air while the concentrate is burning. This makes it possible for you to get enormous vapor clouds even at relatively low temperatures.

CBD is the medical acronym for Cannabidiol which is derived from the hemp plant. Although this compound is gotten from marijuana, it will not make you high. CBD is touted for its many health benefits. It is known to bring relief from pain, and also help with anxiety and sleeping disorders. It is legal to buy CBD products in the United States and many other countries across the world.

While there have been some side effects from taking CBD, they are relatively minor and have only occurred when people took high doses of the product. The most common side effect of CBD includes drowsiness and grogginess. CBD is harmless even if ingested. However, if you have a medical condition or you are on medication, consult your physician first before taking CBD.

This mini CBD wax pen has a number of advanced features that will rival even bigger pens. It is user-friendly. Visit the CBDfx online store now to buy this wax pen for only $54.99 and learn more about CBD. CBDfx is a brand you can really trust. This company has a vast array of top-shelf CBD products that are worth checking out.