Raz TN9000 Review: The Best Of Mod Style Disposable Vape

The RAZ TN9000 disposable vape strives to provide one of the most advanced and customizable throwaway experiences by combining cutting-edge features and technology. This in-depth analysis will examine the TN9000’s premium design, customization possibilities, performance, flavor variety, and overall user experience.

Introduction to Device

Raz vape joined the vaping business with a commitment to driving innovation and providing pleasant user experiences through technology. The TN9000 disposable vape is their most premium offering yet.

The TN9000 has a big HD display, adjustable airflow, and a 12ml ejuice reservoir, which are not common features on disposables. It has a 650mAh battery for longer life and 16 massive flavor options.

RAZ clearly made an effort to make the TN9000 a true standout in the disposable vape market. Let’s take a closer look at what sets it distinct.


Device Specifications and Features

  • 12ml e-juice capacity
  • Rechargeable 650mAh battery
  • 9000 puff rating
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine salts
  • 96” HD display screen
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Battery percentage & ejuice level indicators
  • Draw-activated firing
  • Type-C quick charging
  • 16 flavor varieties
  • Premium construction


Advanced Features that set it apart

Several characteristics enable the TN9000 to provide functionality and flexibility beyond ordinary disposables:

  • The adjustable airflow ring allows you to alter the draw tightness from loose DTL to tight MTL according to your preferences.
  • Separate battery and ejuice level indicators on the screen enable for accurate monitoring of each measure.
  • Type-C rapid charging considerably reduces downtime and can fully recharge the 650mAh battery in 45 minutes.
  • Animations when firing or charging increase the visual engagement of users experience.
  • Short-circuit and overcharge prevention improve safety and reduce failures.

The TN9000 performs admirably in terms of convenience and adaptability. RAZ worked hard to create a fantastic user experience.

Diverse Flavor Range

The Raz TN9000 offers 16 different settings to suit a wide range of tastes. The lineup includes chilly fruits, creamy desserts, zesty combinations, and tropical options.

The large range ensures that vapers can discover a flavor that suits their preferences. Our overview below breaks down the sensation of some of the flavors to demonstrate the variety available.

  • Strawberry Ice: This flavor envelops your senses with the delicious richness of sun-kissed strawberries, complemented by a refreshing mint undertone. Each puff delivers a genuine tangy sweetness reminiscent of biting into a freshly picked strawberry on a cold spring morning. The cold menthol finish gives an ideal amount of cooling refreshment.
  • Blue Raz Ice: Imagine the delectable sweet-tart zing of blue raspberry candy combined with an electrifying chill. Blue Raz Ice has an electrifying combination of sweet blue raspberry flavor and brisk ice menthol. It takes the taste buds on a thrilling voyage from candy sweetness to crisp freshness.
  • Triple Berry Ice: A harmonious medley of three different berries, tart blackberry, sweet raspberry, and sour blueberry, combined into frosty harmony. Robust layers of mixed berry flavors combine with a refreshing coolness to form a sophisticated flavor symphony. Triple Berry Ice is a berry lover’s delight.
  • Dragon Fruit Lemonade: This flavor expertly blends the delicate sweetness of dragon fruit flesh with the refreshing sharpness of lemonade. Each puff offers a pleasant journey through flavors, from the candied sweetness of pitaya to the acidic sting of lemon zest. A really distinct and drinkable flavor.
  • Cactus Jack: Cactus Jack invites you on a desert excursion, serving up real flavors of freshly cut cactus. A succulent melon-like cactus fruit flavor quenches with somewhat acidic and sap-like tones reminiscent of agave. A surprising flavor experience is ideal for adventurous palates.

Other available flavors include Miami Mint, Night Crawler, Strawberry Shortcake, Cherry Lemon, Graham Twist, Blueberry Watermelon, Mango Colada, Citronnade, Grape Ice, Polar Ice and Watermelon Ice.



Allow your palate to guide you to the ideal flavor. The Raz TN9000 vapes offer disposable vaping emancipation in a variety of flavors, including chilling fruit, warming bakery tastes, and adventurous exotic selections.