Slim Battery Kit by Vaportech Review

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Are you looking for a battery kit perfect for on-the-go sessions?  Then, Slim Battery Kit by Vaportech is the one for you. Slim Battery Kit comes with a slim oil battery and USB charger. It is powered by a rechargeable 280mAh battery. You can use this battery for a few vaping sessions before you have to charge it again. Battery recharge is quite fast. It will take around 50 minutes to get the battery fully charged, if you are charging after draining out the battery fully. It is specially crafted to work with all VaporTech slim pen cartridges and glass cartridges. However, you can use this device with any cartridge with 510 Thread. Vapers have the option to select either black, white, blue, red, rainbow, or pink colored device.

Slim Battery Kit by Vaportech is draw activated, so you have to inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the device. This battery kit is equipped with rubber tip that can be used as a stylus for touch screens. Each draw using this device will certainly amaze you with strong hits and take you to the next level of vaping. The LED at the bottom of the battery flashes in red whenever you take a draw. You can inhale continuously for 8 seconds, then the device will turn off automatically. It will start working again when you inhale for the next puff. The LED light blinks 10 times when the battery level fall down. The LED light will glow in red while the device on charge. It will turn green when the battery gets charged fully.

Slim Battery Kit by Vaportech is specially crafted for concentrates, distillates, and thick oils. Vaportech is aware of the right heat necessary for cooking the oils/concentrates to produce the right flavor. This device is made keeping the customer requirements in mind. It is quite easy to use, with no buttons at all. The battery will go to standby mode automatically when not in use. This feature prevents quick draining of the battery because the device doesn’t have any switch off button. This device is made of alloy and has a cylindrical structure.

Features of Vaportech Slim Battery Kit:

  • Draw activated
  • Equipped with 280 mAh 1.04 Wh
  • Compatible with 510 Thread
  • Rubber tip with stylus function
  • Fast charging time (approx. 50 minutes)

In addition to Slim Battery Kit, Vaportech has a few more slim battery kits on the market including Slim Twist, Slim Auto, Slim Heat, Slim Battery, Slim VV Battery Kits. All their slim battery kits are made to meet all user requirements. This is the reason why their fans will never go anywhere searching for better products. Vaportech is a popular brand in the vaping industry since its inception. They are pioneers in making premium quality vaporizers, vape juices, coils, and many more high-quality vaping products. Vaportech Slim Battery Kit is available for sale at for a cheap price of $9.99. Order your device now to get an amazing discounted price.